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         The results of the 2012 Kepesita Hitchhiking Photography Competition

   We have received over 250 images from all over the world and now, we are happy to announce the winners of the 2012 Kepesita Photography Competition:

1st Prize:    Vladimir Kovalchuk    (image #236)

2nd Prize:   Damir Sabitov           (image #67)

3rd Prize:    Bettina Gál               (image #62)

Public's Choice: Mohammed Asad Muhaisen (image #42)

You can find the selected photos that have run for the Prizes here.

Congratulations to the winners!

I would like to thank you all who have participated in the photo contest, and the jury for their work and support!

Nathaniel Wilder (juror) about the 1st Prize winner:

"We chose this image (#236) as the winner of the contest for a few reasons...

This photograph has a strong feel to it. It expresses a common occurrence among those who have hitch-hiked a lot--that of exhaustion. It encapsulates that feeling of waiting by the side of the road, having watched your hope for an easy ride seem to slip away with the hours. I can really sense the resignation of the rider here in his expression, his eyes (as he looks down the road at oncoming traffic), and his body language also makes it seem as if he has almost given up. The passing vehicle contributes to this feeling of time slowing down as does the mistiness/cloudiness of the day--sort of a gloom that makes hitch-hiking less fun than if it were to be taking place on a beautiful, sunny day. I am led to feel that this is truly a documentary image.

In addition to that, it is well composed and artistically carried out. The blur of all things behind the subject allows the subject and his expression to pop out of the frame. And the photographer clearly knew what he was doing, getting low for perspective and moving slightly to the side to allow for the subject's expression to continue to focus on looking down the road for a ride. It is a thoughtful photograph.

I love this image--how it feels and how it really captures the feeling of hitch-hiking at one of its real, less than ideal, moments!!"

Ludovic Hubler (juror) about the 2nd Prize winner:

"This picture (#67) represents a triple challenge: A woman hitchhiking, in the dark, during a cold winter on the snow. We are here awarding the mental strength of this girl proving that everything is possible if you dare to give a try!"

Lusy Incera (juror) about the 3rd Prize winner:

"This photo (#62) has been selected for its creative and metaphorical character and summarized in a simple click a lot of elements and feelings that go along with the fact hitchhike...

The protagonists are reflected on the landscape around them and put the viewer of the picture as the person driving and decides whether to stop or not... so that responsibility for decision makes anyone who sees a part of the hitch without getting up from the chair and without taking your eyes off the computer screen...

It's like a scene from a road movie where all information concerning travel by thumb is summarized in a mirror, two people, a landscape and an observer who decides to stop and pick up these travelers to be part of the selection of this contest..."