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  The International Jury of the 2012 Kepesita "Hitchhiking" Photo Contest

     Ludovic Hubler (France) 

 Ludovic Hubler was born on September 11th 1977. On January 1st 2003, after graduating with a Master degree from Strasbourg Business School, he decided to leave on January 1st 2003 for what he calls his “life Phd”, a tour of the world using Hitchhiking as his only means of transportation with the challenge to tour the globe spending nothing on transportation.

This adventure was for him a necessary prelude to embarking on a professional career. During the five years of his journey, he used hitchhiking in every conceivable form. From "boat-hitching" across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans to "ice-breaker hitching" to reach Antarctica, to crossing the Sahara desert or passing through countries such as Colombia and Afghanistan, Ludovic put his thumb to the test in all imaginable situations.

   His experiences and meetings were vast and varied: among the most outstanding, the Dalai Lama received him at his home in Dharamsala in India, but equally interesting were the thousands of students from all walks of life with whom Ludovic shared his adventures on the road.

A total of 5 years travelled, spanning 170,000 km and 59 countries, hundreds of seminars given and lifts from more than 1,300 people received, give an idea of the extent and richness of the journey.

Ludovic got back home on January 1st 2008. He got married with Marisol Richards, who he met in Panama during his trip, on March 21st 2009 and expect to be father in September 2012.

   At the professional level, Ludovic works today for “Peace and Sport” ( ), International Organization based in Monaco under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, which objective is to use and promote peace education and social integration of the most vulnerable using sport as a tool. He also works on the creation of , a platform bringing together travelers wishing to share skills or knowledge and institutions ready to receive them.

     Lusy Incera (Spain)

 I am an eclectic photographer, responding to the beauty, the humor and the tragedy I see in the world around me. Among the variety of subjects I have shot, over the years I have found myself repeatedly drawn to create images of borders and their people. These people are not just a group or mass or statistic, but are individuals like the rest of us, each wearing his own life on his face.

Though occasionally I will take an anonymous shot from a distance, I prefer to approach a person, learn a little about him, and with his permission take a series of shots hoping to capture some aspect of his reality in one of the portraits. I like to get close, to a person whom many other avoid. The black and white versions reveal the critical essence through their emphasis on shadows, light and contrast. For me the faces are both beautiful with their humanity, and frightening with their hopelessness. I want to share them with the world, both as my art, and as a visceral reminder... we are all but one bit of bad luck away from this state.

     Nathaniel Wilder (Alaska, USA)

Born, raised, and now based in Anchorage, Alaska, Nathaniel Wilder specializes in outdoor adventure, lifestyle, and editorial photography. Inspired by this epic landscape, his documentary-style work captures the light and raw beauty of the world around him.

Nathaniel has produced work around the globe including documentary imagery for The Mountain Education Project, a startup non-profit in rural Nepal and features from Asia and Alaska for The Christian Science Monitor where he worked as a photographic intern. Reuter’s Pictures hired Nathaniel to document Sarah Palin’s final moments as a vice-presidential candidate on election day in Alaska as well as her last day in office as Governor.

   Well he has worked as a wedding photographer and commercial photographer for outdoor clothing companies, Nathaniel’s passion is in the subject of Alaska and documenting the unique lifestyles and dynamic landscape that exists there. He hopes to direct increasing attention to documenting the experience of northerners so stay tuned to his blog for future evidence of this.

Nathaniel strives to communicate authenticity in his images—whether for journalistic or commercial use.

Special thanks to:

     Juan Pablo Villarino (Argentina)

  Juan Pablo Villarino – the Acrobat of the Road - is an Argentinean hitch-hiker, writer and photographer. He was born in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1978. After completing high school he moved on to study Psychology, paying as much attention to Freud’s books as to road maps hidden within. He soon became an eager hitch-hiker, thumbing his first ride in Feb 2, 1998. By now he has covered over 200,000 km in 60 

countries and territories. In 2002 he organized the first National Hitch-hiking meeting in Argentina and the whole Latin America, known as “Pueblo Tomado”, which gave birth to Autostop Argentina, a nation-wide hitch-hiker’s organization. In 2005 he embarked in a round the world hitch-hiking trip, traveling Europe, Middle East and Asia, from Northern Ireland to Thailand, under the concept of portraying world hospitality in his blog and books. The outcome was his first book “Vagabonding in the Axis of Evil – By thumb in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan”, published in Argentina and Spain, and available as e-book from his web. He writes for travel magazines such as “VIAJES National Geographic” (Spain), Brando (Argentina) and SOHO (Colombia). Together with Laura, his partner, he has started the Educational Nomadic Project, and effort to promote empathy and tolerance in schools and communities through the projection of photography collected during their world tour. The project is sponsored through e-book sales and donations. Just back from a 1.5 year trip around South America –from Antarctica to French Guiana- they are right now working on their next book.

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