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Founded by Matthias Pascal Clad and Peter Varga in 2015, Tying Knots is a Norway-based independent production company.

Our name symbolizes the connections and relationships we have, are going to have and are looking for in and with our work. A knot between friends, family members and new people we meet. A bond between team mates. A transparental bridge between two parts from different sides.

Our logo which is based on the ancient Tibetan „endless knot” symbol belongs strongly to our name, easing the weight of interdependence and bondage while keeping the trust and dedication.

Ongoing project:

A university student and his friends' quest to Alaska, crossing 1000 miles on snowmachine to follow and chronicle The Last Great Race on Earth, the Iditarod sled dog race. Inspired by the strong relationship and teamwork between dogs and mushers, this feature documentary will detect and show the nature of their connection and interdependence while fighting mother Nature.